Imported Food Sector Regulatory Proposal Tue, 2010/08/17 - 9:42am — Karen Article Date: August 17 2010 PrintThe Canadian Food Inspection Agency is seeking feedback on a regulatory proposal to enhance import controls. Imported food products in the Non Federally Register Sectors (NFRS) are affected. These goods include all food and food ingredients regulated solely under the Food and Drugs Act and account for 70% of the food products available in the Canadian marketplace. This regulatory proposal is being introduced to: •minimize the risk of unsafe products entering the Canadian marketplace, •better identify and engage importers bringing food products and ingredients in the IFS into Canada, and •enhance verification of compliance with minimum food safety requirements. It would require all importers of products in the Imported Food Sector (IFS) would be required to have a licence to import IFS products into Canada. In addition, the importer would have to maintain records at an address in Canada, have a written recall plan, and notify the CFIA within 24 hours if they became aware that the product constitutes a risk to the public. The regulatory proposal will come into effect upon publication in Canada Gazette Part II, except for the licensing provisions. The licensing provisions will likely come into effect two years later. During this time, the CFIA will be working with industry to provide educational materials and to develop tools/templates to achieve compliance with the new regulation. This will also allow time for the CFIA to adequately train its staff on enforcement of the regulation. Additional information, including a helpful Q and A, is available here: http://www.inspection.gc.ca/english/fssa/imp/lic/lice.shtml CFIA has created an an Online consultation and survey and members may wish to provide their ideas, concerns, and suggestions using the online survey. We encourage members who participate in the online consultation and survey to provide copies of their comments to the CSCB at cscb@cscb.ca .Categories this article appears in CFIA - Other.
Elimination of the 77YY and ITN Carrier Codes
Elimination of the 77YY and ITN Carrier Codes CBSA has released guidelines for cargo and release processing once 77YY and ITN (itinerant) carrier codes are eliminated. These carrier codes will be eliminated on Friday, April 1.